I'm one of those disgustingly cheery morning people.


I'm usually up before the sun comes up.  That's when my energy is at its peak.  I pop out of bed, excited to see what the day has in store.  

This is often a thorn in the side of my wife, as well as my poly partners and intimate friends who have the "good fortune" to sleep with me sometimes.  After a night of my laying all over them, trying to burrow into their body while half-asleep, they can look forward to my doing so while I'm completely awake, and they're still trying to sleep.

Sounds great, right? (Yes, that's sarcasm) 

When I get good sleep (which is more often than not, when I use my CPAP, go to bed on time, etc.) I'm an early-morning-dynamo.  It's not unheard of for me to get up, go running, do chores around the house, maybe even do some writing, all before I leave for work.  It depends on how early I get up, what's on my plate at work, and what my commuting options are.     

Today for instance,  I took out the trash, changed the litter, made my bed, had a decent breakfast and STILL managed to make a 6:30-something train into the city for work.  

I think if it were practical for me to do so, I'd wake up at 4:30 in the morning almost every day.  As it is, I'm usually up a few minutes before my alarm goes off sometime between 5 and 5:30, depending on the day.  I love being up to watch the sunrise.  

When I do, I feel wealthy with time, fortunate that I've got a whole unpredictable day waiting to happen right in front of me.   It's like having the center, front-row seat at the best show ever.  

I'm grateful for it.  

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