I'm grateful today for a car accident that didn't happen. 

It wasn't even mine. It almost happened to my friend Shokolada. 

The important word here is almost.  

Someone else's car accident. 

Someone else's car accident. 

I'm glad he's okay.

I've been in car accidents before. Some of them were my fault. Some were not. 

I'm grateful to be healthy, whole, and unharmed from them.  I'm grateful that my friend wasn't just in one.  

Moreover, at moments like these, the various small displeasures and discomforts I deal with on a daily basis recede and diminish, much like the tail lights on a car driving away from you at night.  

Sorry, it's a theme on my mind. 

But anyhow, things like needing to drive to work instead of taking the train, or figuring out when you can fit a workout in your day, or having to remember to buy contact lens cleaner on your way home, all those little bothersome minutiae, they just mean so much nothing when you compare them to a car accident.  

I'm grateful for the perspective. 

AuthorMako Allen
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