Valentalae is on my mind today.  Why?  Because yesterday was her birthday.  Also because I gave her a present for it, which I'm now also giving to you.  It's a new Concerning Littleton story, called Different Tastes.

On the page for it, you can read all sorts of reasons I admire Vee.  But I wanted to take a moment, separately, here in my blog to just say how very lucky I am to have her in my life, in my family.

Vee is a loving, wonderful person.  She's delightfully dirty, in many of the same ways that I am.  She's smart, and loves to mentally dissect things in the same way that I do.  Even though we live on different sides of the country, we've always got our noses in one another's business.  

Yes, that kind of business, too.  

A while ago, we admitted to one another that we love each other.  Let me tell you, when Valentalae loves you, she does it full-tilt-boogie.  Her love is not something easily come by, but is very worth having.  She'd do anything for me.  (Or likely, to me, which is also great!)  I'd do anything for her, too.  

I'm grateful for her.

AuthorMako Allen