One of the best things about my marriage is that Missy and I share our passions.  We're unabashed nerds.  We find something we like, and get super into it, like crazy.  Occasionally, this makes us go off on a wild hare after something.

We'll stay up late playing video games together, or binge watch all the X-Men movies.  I love that when I like something, and share it with her, sometimes she gets into above and beyond me.

Ingress is like that.  Today we went out "portalling" - chasing down portals all over town, as a team.  


We bopped all over the place.  We crashed through brush, climbed over rock walls to clamber down the side of a hill, walked several miles, and made about thirty-seven u-turns chasing down enemy portals, and capturing them for our faction.

We. saw. turtles.

At one point this morning, when we were getting ready to go about our day, I hugged her, and told her she's my best friend.  I'm grateful to be married to someone so cool.

AuthorMako Allen
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