There's nothing that makes you feel quite so good as witnessing kindness.

This morning on the train, I was neighbors with a boy and his grandfather.  They were headed up to L'Enfant Plaza, many stops up the line. At one point they asked where exactly that was. 

I told them it was the stop after Crystal City.  Then a very nice lady gave them a paper schedule and showed them the stops, and to cross off each as they go. 

Super. But better yet was what the conductor, David, did. He came by, and told them both about the famous bridge they passed over earlier, The Beanpole Bridge. Then he told them about Wikipedia and wrote down how they could look it up.


There's a lot of bad stuff out there recently, the conflict in Gaza, the police atrocity in Ferguson, Robin Williams' suicide, yet more suffering and mistreatment, too. 

But people can be good, too. People can be kind.  

I'm grateful I live in a world where people can make the choice to be kind, and sometimes do. 

AuthorMako Allen
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