I love my iPhone. I haven't envied Android users anything, with one exception. 


It's a game, sort of.  It's like geocaching, crackpot conspiracy theory, and the us-vs-them game dynamic of World of Warcraft got put in a blender.  

There's an iOS version of the app now, and I got it two days ago.  

Today on my way home from Richard's birthday party campout I hunted down and took over my first interdimendional portal, at an abandoned workhouse, so that my faction, The Enlightened can help guide the efforts of the extradimensional  Shapers in bringing about a new age of peace in our world. 




I'm grateful that I get to participate in this compelling game of pretend that THOUSANDS of adults are contributing to.  

I'm also grateful that the efforts of The Resistance have proven unsuccessful at stopping us. ;-)

AuthorMako Allen
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