My friend Zorro is an exceptional person.  

Like me, he's an ageplay author. However, he's actually prolific!  He's got an ENORMOUS amount of books out there.


He does a lot of work in the community too. He has been a motive force behind many events, including TeddyCon, and CapCon, too.  He runs a munch up in PA, too. 

He has a fair degree of notoriety, too. His work is well known and well loved by many fans of the daddy-little girl story.

The thing about him though is he's such a plain spoken, unassuming, regular joe about it all.

He's always happy to lend a hand when you need him. He actively works to promote other people's events and projects.  

He's done that A LOT for me. He's talked up the Big Little Podcast all over the place, and both of my books, too.  He's absolutely a confidant of mine. We talk "book business" all the time.

I often check in with him when I'm feeling a little crazy in the head about something I think about the writing business. He's a valued colleague, and a great friend.  

I'm really grateful for him. 

AuthorMako Allen
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