I'm really really super sensitive to sleep issues. 


I have obstructive sleep apnea, and sleep with a CPAP device to help me breathe properly at night. 

I can sleep without it, but it's a Very Bad Idea™ to do so for more than a day. 

Last week I was away on a trip, bracketed by two long drives.  While I was away I got very poor quality sleep, and slept without my CPAP most of the time I was away. 

Did I mention how bad an idea this was? For the past week I've been a cranky, slow moving, poor-thinking mess.  

Thankfully I got to sleep in yesterday because of the holiday, and last night finally used my CPAP properly.  

I slept like a baby. 

This morning I'm filled with vim & vigor, and feeling like myself again. I am SO GRATEFUL for a decent night's sleep. 


AuthorMako Allen
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