My friend RS often calls his wife K, "Goldilocks", and she in turn calls him her "Bear".  Yes, that's adorable. 

They're lovely people.  They're sweet, fun, very giving age players too, who generously and tirelessly do a lot in the local scene.   

They also have done a lot for me, personally.  I'm very grateful to have them in my life.   

Case in point, this diagram.  


That's a piece of a network diagram RS drew for me of the way he was about to improve my home network. 

We just moved into a new place, which is lovely in many ways, but  its home network isn't one of them. When I had FiOS installed it left several dead-or-slow spots in the house. 

Yesterday RS came over and a few short hours of furniture-moving, wall-jack-port updating, switch installing, and new wireless-access-point-installing later, made my home network fast like it should be. 

I'm grateful for my very technical and very generous friend.  Thanks RS! 

AuthorMako Allen
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