Someone told me recently that, proportionately, the earth is incredibly smooth. If you magnified the head of a pin to the size of the earth it would be a jagged mess.  Or to put it another way, despite all these mountains and valleys and canyons, from far enough out in space, the earth is positively silky. 

I can't remember who told me this, because I'm imperfect. 


I try my best to not cause harm or suffering to others. Sometimes, though, I do. I've been selfish, aggressive, lazy, proud, too. 

In his lecture series Play of the Self, the philosopher Alan Watts says that opposites are a vital part of existence, that energy can only move and thrive against resistance. In order to dance, we need a floor to do it on. 

I see that imperfections, and our desire to rid ourselves of them are like that. We're bound to make mistakes sometimes, to cause harm, as we interact with others. Sometimes we are the hot stove others shouldn't touch. 

When I have an a-ha moment that I've unwittingly caused harm it IS painful.  

But later I'm grateful for it. Because moments like that are great catalysts for change. 

I think where I get in trouble sometimes is I'll struggle with perspective. I will be super focused in, seeing myself like that magnified pin head (often when I myself feel like a pinhead, ha!). 

Then later, I'll remember to zoom out into space and look at myself from that lovely smooth distance.  

I'm grateful when I stumble across my cracks. They give me needed perspective.  

AuthorMako Allen
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