This morning I started my day with a plan.  Get out of the house by a certain time, hit the train, work out, then work. 

From the BRILLIANT web comic XKCD

From the BRILLIANT web comic XKCD

It didn't work out that way. I got a medical bill in the mail that was shocking

So, I called. After a few phone calls, I more or less figured out what was going on, and things turned out to be fine.  

But so much for that early train. 

At first I was irked that my careful plans got messed up. Then I saw the dishes from dinner in the sink, and realized I now had the time to take care of them, and catch the next train.  

I read somewhere recently that being a grownup means cleaning your room when no one will know, see, or praise you for it.  

It was said ironically, but actually I see that it's true.  After I got the kitchen cleaned up, I drove to the station, got down to the tracks nice and early, chatted with a good friend, and listened to an awesome grown-up and rocking version of The Hokey Pokey while I waited for my train. 

You heard that right, a cover of the Hokey Pokey. This one

Being a grown-up is GREAT. It means I can handle emergencies, take care of myself, and the people I love, and that I get to be the arbiter of what's good, and good for me in my life.  That's something I'm IMMENSELY grateful for.  

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