A long time ago, I read Getting the Love You Want, by Harville Hendrix.  It's a book all about relationship dynamics for couples.  One of the things Hendrix talks about is the game face we put on during the "honeymoon phase" we go through when we're first dating.  We bring our A-Game, dress well, do romantic things, all that stuff.

The Long Game is my term for the exact opposite of that, and it's what I'm grateful for today.  It's the comfortable, trustworthy, sweet, enduring way we support one another in a long relationship.

As my gratitude-subjects do, this one struck me out of the blue this morning.  Here's how it went down.

Missy woke up with me right at 5, because she was taking me to the train this morning.  There were several things we both needed to do this morning, and we quietly went about them, helping one another.  

Then we got out of the house.  She drove, and I gave her directions to the station.  At the station, we shared a lovely goodbye kiss, which I must admit was the highlight of my entire morning.  

That was when the gratitude hit me.  Missy and I, we are in it for the long game.  We quietly, faithfully, tirelessly support one another in everything we do, individually, and as a couple.  That means the quiet work like early wake ups, bringing home dinner, making sure bills are paid, all that jazz.  It also means the sweet surprises of a fond kiss.

Some say being married is like wearing in a pair of shoes, so that they become comfortable and broken in.  Compared to that honeymoon phase, some say that doesn't sound particularly sexy.

They would be wrong. 



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