So I have this close friend, S. ...

She and I have been super close, for ages.  In lots of ways, we're the same.  We both love music, have many of the same friends, and when we spend time together, we delight in one another's company.

Like me, she's insanely busy.  She's in school doing something insanely demanding.

Unlike me, she LOVES Facebook.

Me, not so much.

I could go on at length about why I don't like it, and why she does, but neither thing matters.  

Because being right doesn't matter.  Being right, and $3.50 won't buy you jack squat at a Starbucks.  In their own way, everyone is right, about everything.

I'm a mixture of politically liberal, on social issues, and conservative, on financial ones.  (Even there though, I don't fit the mold of a democrat, or a libertarian.)  I feel individually about individual issues.  Which makes sense, seeing as how I'm an individual.

There's a really big difference between fact and opinion.  Try dividing by zero, or making up a nice rhyming couplet that ends in the word silver, if you think otherwise.  I'm not talking about disagreement over fact.  It's that opinion thing, that's on my mind.

I really do mean it when I say that every opinion everyone has is absolutely, 100% right.  People's opinions are informed by a myriad of factors, including experience, temperament, education, and fear.  There's a zen story I love about how it's possible that all these opinions are right, this one.

That's why, I even though I really do loathe Facebook, I sure do love my friend.



AuthorMako Allen
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