My aunt often says that life is made of "moments and memories."  It's advice I take to heart, generally favoring experiences and adventures over material things. 

Missy and I just had a weekend like that. We left home Friday night, and drove vaguely in a New Yorkish direction, but with no fixed idea of where we would stop for the night. 

After many hours drive we got off the highway in a town I had heard was plentiful with Ingress portals, and wound up parking in the empty lot of an elementary school around 11:45 at night while I found us a hotel, using an app on my phone.  

We got back on the highway and drove a few miles to our hotel, which turned out to be right across the street from an abandoned car, which was attended by police.  

That's because it was on fire.  



The next morning we slept in, and got ourselves a late breakfast at an art-deco, retro future chic diner, called the Skylark Diner.  It was amazing. It was also an Ingress portal. 


We sat next to a couple who ALSO happened to be Ingress players and who Missy had been chatting with in-game from the car as we circled the parking lot. 

Eventually we made our way into the city.  We had a wet, rainy day of window shopping and Ingress,  followed by riding in a bicycle cab to see The Lion King. 

The bicycle ride was "soggy, yet satisfying," and very romantic.  


The play was amazing. Funny, beautiful, and moving.  

We did all of this because we were celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. 

I am so grateful I get to make moments and share memories with my sweet, beautiful, funny, gentle wife.  

AuthorMako Allen
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