Yesterday I was grouchy.  

I was out of spoons from a very busy day the day before.  Plus, it looked like I might be coming down with a cold.  (Which today, I don't have, thank goodness!)

My plan was a day filled with activity.  But I just didn't have it "in the tank".  

I got up, ran an errand for Missy, who was working, went and worked out, and realized I just didn't feel good.  

I'm generally a cheery, easygoing, kinda-love-everyone sort of person.  Not yesterday.  The littlest thing made me want to snap at people, say, or think terrible things.  I was downright unpleasant.  I knew it, too.  I decided I needed to pull the emergency brake on the train of my day.

So I came home and proceeded to do the one thing I most needed to do:


I rested, all day.  Watched some mindless television, ate some leftovers, played some games on my iPad, and was wholly and completely unproductive.  I ate ice cream.

It was a good choice.  Today, I feel much better.  

AuthorMako Allen
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