I've got this weird yin-yang duality going on in much of my life. I'm big and little, often carefree and easygoing, yet also philosophical and serious.

One way this bears out is that I take silliness seriously. I'm not afraid to look or act ridiculous sometimes. In fact, I often relish it.  I love making people smile, laugh, or just suddenly see the world a little bit differently. 

I'm an avatar of absurdity, in countless little ways. I have a collection of oddball socks I wear to work.  I intentionally misunderstand awkward grammar for comic effect. I'm always on the lookout for puns and tricksy language. 

Also, I sure do love funny hats. 

Today I started wearing a new one which my sister in law, M. got me for Christmas. It's a Santa hat with a ridiculously long top tail.  


Several people at the station and on the train this morning have smiled at me or even openly laughed at my awesome, completely ridiculous hat. 

This one woman sitting across from me on the train even talked to me about it.  

"That is a great hat," she said, smiling.

"Thanks," I said, "it's just right for this time of year."

She nodded, then clearly was thinking about what I'd said.  

"Just imagine if you saw me with it in, say, June," I added.  

She openly laughed now. "Yeah, you'll need a different one then." 

I laughed too.  

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