Last night I had a Skype call with my fellow planners of the Littles Express, a christmas-holiday themed train ride event for age players.  

Let me add, you should totally get a ticket and join us - it's going to be wicked fun.

Anyhow, as we were waiting for one of our fellow Christmas Caper Collaborators™, somehow our silly banter turned to music.  That was when I introduced my friends to this unusual band I like, the Yoga Pop-Ups

The YPU's play instrumental music, covers of all sorts of popular (and other kinds of) music that's designed to be good to listen to while you do yoga.  As a sort of weird side-effect, the music winds up being like lullabies for age players.  

I often put on their sci-fi movie music album to go to sleep to.  I also love to write code and fiction to their other albums, especially their Rush tribute, which I particularly love.  They're amazing.


I played some of their music for my friends, who loved them.  I'm grateful I got to do that, as well as sharing it with you, now too.

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