For many years now I've been friends with ShyGuy from Germany.  I think we first became friends on Twitter, but have since moved to the occasional Skype chat, lots of Kik conversations, too.  I've met him in person at CapCon, the Chicago age player's convention, which he often attends.  I'm also friends with his sweetie, Kat Nichols, the wonderful creator of the very not-safe-for-work  

He's wonderful.  

We have amazing conversations, all the time.  He's deeply philosophical, and we sometimes spend an entire day noodling over some philosophical issue, together.   

Plus, he's got a genuine interest in what Ive got to say, and the projects and work which are important to me.  When I post blog entries, or tweet something, more often than not, he's the very first person to respond.  I really consider him to be a very close friend.  I wish we didn't live so very far apart, but I'm so grateful that technology and our mutual like for one another have allowed us to have the close friendship that we do.

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