Ever since I was a kid I have loved comic books.  My dad used to get them for me on Sunday mornings.  He'd go out to this local convenience store and come back with several, and I'd rip right through them at breakneck speed. 

As I got older I'd sometimes go with him, or get them on my own. Over the years I amassed a size able little collection which I read a lot, and mostly mishandled. I didn't bag-and-board for the most part, and now as an adult I have a few office boxes with several hundred comics of probably very little value.

don't care. I love them. But I don't pull out my paper comics very often. 

A few years back I got an iPad and suddenly comics were huge for me again. I use an app/service called Comixology.

eading comics digitally has been a revelation for me. I love that I can have all the issues of something I own at my beck  and call whenever I want. 

As an ageplayer, digital comics are an easy guilty pleasure. They're relatively cheap, and I can sneak a read of them on my hone or iPad almost anyplace. 

Plus, I can go off on a wild hare of exploration easily.

I did that just yesterday.  I'm really psyched that a Captain Marvel movie is in the works. 

I bought a graphic novel of the character, and a few more issues too.


It's a great book.

Carol Danvers is a badass.  

Plus, she's got an adorable flerken cat. 

AuthorMako Allen
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