Last night this happened. 


I'm level 8. In Ingress parlance that means I've got my training wheels off, I'm wearing the big boy underpants, running with the big dogs now. 

There are PLENTY more levels to go, but they're MUCH harder to get.  

Now I'm ready to go play at anomalies, which are like nerd sporting events. 

The best part of this whole thing is that my wife Missy is even further along than I am, and even more into the game than I am. I love love love sharing this with her. It's fun to do this as a team.  

She's my best friend. We're just the same pair of shmoopy lovebirds we've always been. We leave each other shower love notes like this: 


I think having shared interests, shared passions, isn't just good game play, but good relationship work. Leveling in ingress is strengthening my marriage as crazy as that sounds. 

I am so grateful that my awesome, funny, sweet, charming wife shares my dorky passions.  That's the very best achievement unlocked. 

AuthorMako Allen
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