So tonight was the last installment of the Big Little Podcast Summer Reading Series.

Of course, summer's long behind us.  During the reading series, I've been reading from both Auntie Eva's Boarder and my new book, Concerning Littleton.  I started doing it as a way to tide the listeners over during the podcast's summer hiatus, and to promote the new book.

It's been a great success.  Books have sold, but more importantly, I've made some wonderful friends.

It tends to go the same way each week.  I read for about 90 minutes, then a crew of friends joins me on Skype, and we goof on the stream for another 90 or so.  It's tiring, but so fun.

I'm so grateful for the support these wonderful people have given me.

During tonight's last chat, one of the series regulars, Padan Wolf said something that struck me SO FUNNY about people getting into ranty tears on fetlife, "A Caps Lock key isn't cruise control for being cool."

How great is that, right?

AuthorMako Allen