Yesterday as I was on my way to work, I was busy.  What was I doing?


- Paying my utility bills, and my wife's car tax (It's a Virginia thing) 

- Booking a trip to NYC to take my wife to see The Lion King on Broadway for our wedding anniversary

- Paying a credit card bill

- Updating my to-do list

- Doing some research for a book I'm writing

- Investigating a rather kick-ass present for my friend Shokolada for his birthday.   (In a related note, he runs pretty much the very-best-site-on-the-internet for messy dessert play.  For serious, check it out.)

As I got off the train, after having done all that, I was feeling quite chuffed about getting everything done, but then it also struck me that I'm both very responsible, and that it feels really damn good.  

I pay my bills on time, most of the time.  I regularly save money into a savings account.  I have reasonable savings, and can often plan for and deal with sudden emergencies.  Generally, when life's little slot machine comes up with lemons, I'm able to deal with the unsavory jackpot without too much consternation. 

I once heard someone say that being a grownup means making your bed, even though no one can see you do it, and not needing a pat on the back for it.  Sure, that's true.  But, you know what, there's a missing piece to that saying.  It feels great to have responsibility and to tend to it handily.  I'm grateful that every day I'm alive, I'm a little bit better about doing the thing that is being a grownup. 



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