So, here's the thing. I'm Mako Allen, podcaster, author, age player.  I'm also NOT that guy. In my "other life", I'm married, live outside Washington, DC, work in technology, and am owned by two very lovely cats. 

It's a bit like being a superhero. Often as I'm riding the train, I'm doing podcast producer work from my phone or tablet, booking guests, returning show email, or writing fiction.  


It can be a little weird. I'll be in some boring meeting, talking about release schedules or code debt, and my brain is off zooming through the kinky skies,  looking for the next thing I need to do in my other life.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just PRETENDING to be the vanilla me. 

That's not a great metaphor, but you'll have to forgive me, food metaphors are my jam. (See?)

Weird as it is, I'm grateful for the duality. While it can be odd, and tiring, it makes my life very exciting.  

Some days, I don't feel like my day job is going anywhere. It's slow work to gain technical proficiency, and is often thankless.  

But I don't have to wait on my dreams of doing meaningful work with my life.

A quick duck into a phone booth, loosen the tie, and it's up, up, and away.  The phone booth is usually my cell phone or iPad, and the superhero outfit is usually a diaper, but you get the idea. 

I get a lot of joy out of my duality, and I'm grateful for it.  

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