Yesterday I got up late, had trouble with my phone, and wound up missing my train, and driving into work.  

I often say that 道 provides (that's the chinese character for Tao).  It brings you just what you need, just when you need it.  Even if that thing seems like it kinda sucks at the time.

Case in point - driving into work was fairly uneventful and easy, but the trip home, due to rain and traffic was much longer.  Along the way though I was able to make, and get, phone calls from several people.  I got to talk to my good friend Molière, and help plan details for the Little Express train ride we're putting together next month, talk to my friend Maya, who's one of the dearest people in my life, talk to my friend Enfant, who's an age player friend of mine I've know for ages, but don't get to talk to nearly as often as I'd like, and then out of the blue to reconnect with another friend who I hadn't heard from in ages, and who I thought had broken ties with me utterly.  

This turned out not to be so.  

I wouldn't have had the time to talk to any of these lovely people without being stuck in my car for a slow drive home.  I'm grateful that things work out exactly the way they're supposed to.

AuthorMako Allen