Yesterday we went on some more adventures.  First, Missy got me up early, so she, her sister M. and I could go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  While I had been at work Friday, they'd even picked out an outfit for me to wear.

We had a great time.  We shopped a bit, wandered, saw entertainment, and ate us some turkey legs. 

 Afterward, when we came home, we took a long nap, and then rushed out to make Ingress badges to wear/use at an upcoming Ingress Anomaly Event we're going to go to in Virginia Beach.  Here's mine. 

What makes me grateful is that Missy loves to go on adventures, and do oddball, quirky things.  She's got a childlike heart and carefree spirit that feels so good to be around.  I love that we're like this.  It's fun to be married to her.

AuthorMako Allen