So, no secret that I've been sick. I've been blathering about it for days now.

Other folks around me have been going through tough stuff too.

My wife and my sister-in-law have been grieving over their mom's passing. 

They both got my cold, too. When it rains, it pours.

I have dear friends coping with depression, job issues, suddenly having to find a new place to live, gender dysphoria, loneliness, anxiety issues, all sorts of trouble. 

I know things can look bleak. Sometimes it feels like life is just pressing down on you. 

But I promise, no one and nothing stays the same. In lots of little ways, life is always changing, always improving.

Just this morning, I went to get my car emissions inspected, and it didn't need it. Instead it needed a safety inspection. I was able to get that instead, in the same amount of time.

I made a train that was late for its scheduled departure, and earlier for my day.


On the train, I saw a woman wearing the most awesome silly pink rain boots. They made me feel so good about my day. She unwittingly shared her good feelings about this rainy day with me. Now I get to share them with you.  

Lastly, as I began writing this entry, I heard the most amazing cover of Ooh Child by Halll & Oates on the awesome podcast Coverville.  I wanted to share it with you, because the song is right. Things are gonna get better.  

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