Here's a food metaphor for you... I'll try anything once.  Then I go back and eat the stuff I like again! 

What's that got to do with reading from my books?  


My new book, A Little Patch of Sunshine isn't done yet.  But you can listen to it as I'm working on it!

Let me tell you a little about the book.  It’s about a woman named Sunshine, Sunny for short.  Sunny is married.  She has an adorable kid.  She’s also right in the midst of getting divorced.  That’s due, in part to the fact that Sunny is an age player.  She likes being diapered. She wants to be spanked.  She’s trying to figure out if that’s okay, and if she’s okay.

It's set in the same universe as my first two books Auntie Eva's Boarder and Concerning Littleton.  

So, here’s what I’m going to do.  I’ll hang out in the podcast’s IRC chatroom, and get on the stream, and do a reading.  Each time I do this, it’ll be for about an hour and a half.  I'll read to you from Concerning Littleton and also from A Little Patch of Sunshine, too.

We'll hang out, chat, maybe invite some friends to join me on the stream, too.  it'll be great.

See below for the next time I'll be doing one of these.  I’ll tweet about it from the show’s Twitter account, too.  

The next reading will be: 

Wednesday... December 23rd at 7:30pm eastern.

I'll read from both Concerning Littleton and A Little Patch of Sunshine

In Concerning Littleton Aiden makes a new friend at college, and discovers he's not the only person in town with a diaper fetish.

In A Little Patch of Sunshine Sunny goes on a big trip and falls in love.  Plus, there's pie!