So deep in my lizard brain, my big weakness is that I think I don't matter to people.  It's my kryptonite, the idea that when I'm no right with them, making them laugh or feel good, I'm invisible, and irrelevant.

I know, I know, it's nonsense.  

It's just the bad place my head goes sometimes because of stuff I went through growing up.

Anyhow, the 13th was, like it is every year, my birthday.  And this thing happened, which happens every year, which every time it does, makes me feel so damn good.  I got a flood of good wishes and thoughtful gestures.

On social media I got over 100 such nice wishes from people in various places.  My wife made me amazing home made soup for my birthday dinner.  My sister-in-law, MB gave me a huge canvas print of my favorite piece of art, he Great Wave Off Kanagawa,  

So beautiful

So beautiful

And my brother called me, and sang to me.

All of which are a giant punch-in-the-throat to that awful lizard voice.  Sometime in the next 12 months I'm gonna hear the lizard voice again.  But as I always do, I'll remember stuff like this, and tell it to shut itself right up.

I'm pretty lucky.


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