Every so often I have this really surreal experience. Someone who's read one of my books or heard The Big Little Podcast will send me email thanking me for the work I do for and about ageplayers. 

I'm immensely grateful when this happens.  I take it as a sign, a validation, that I'm making a positive difference in the world.  

I remember back when I was first trying to wrap my head around being kinky, and felt so terribly lonely, and unsure of myself. It was an awful feeling. 

I know I can't stamp out that feeling universally, stop others from ever feeling it, but it's my constant desire to give people the tools to get through that and lift themselves out of that morass of doubt and pain.  

So when I hear from folks that that's so, it sure does feel good.  

But it can be a little weird.  I'm still a regular joe. I get up in the morning, scoop the cat litter, take a shower, and go to work.  I almost feel like the guy who gets those emails, he's not real. 

Sometimes people send me gifts, which is lovely, but makes me feel guilty, or occasionally, takes my breath away. 

Yesterday I got a spectacular gift from a listener, a musician who calls himself Comet Music.  He composed and recorded a song for me. This one. 

Give it a listen. It's lovely.  I'm grateful my work matters to kind, generous people like this.  


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