About my new fiction


I love to write.

It's something I've done my whole life.

I've long held to the belief that the thing that makes stories interesting is the characters in them. 

Yes, it's exciting to read about giving someone a spanking, or lovingly getting your diaper changed by someone who's very turned on to do it.  But I think the thing that really amps it up for the reader is to know the people doing it.  

That's a huge part of my work.  I love mining the depths of authentic, true-to-life experience.

 I started with short stories, and eventually wrote two novels about age-play and kink, Auntie Eva's Boarder, and Concerning Littleton.  I work in a lot of formats, including audio fiction  (the "little somethings" on the Big Little Podcast) and "micro-erotica" over at twitter on my @tinySmut account.

I'm no stranger to experimentation in my life, nor my writing.

I had put it aside for a while, because of some life circumstances, but I realized that wasn't going to work for me.  Writing is a part of who I am, and how I live.

So I decided to embark on a grand experiment.  I would create short stories (and yes, another novel), but do so differently.


Time for some changes

I've always wanted my work to be illustrated.  I found myself an amazing illustrator to work with, Jenn Solo.

Jenn's work is amazing.  Have a look at some of the amazing things she's already done for me:

Jenn's work fits the vision I have for my fiction.  It's erotic, suggestive, witty, smart, and friendly.  Like a New Yorker cartoon, with a sexy edge.

And I've wanted to do more audiobook work, so I started recording again, as well as working with a female narrator, Suzie Jenkins.  She's awesome!  

We're making amazing stuff together.  Part of the experiment is not just what I'm making, but how I get it to you.  I started a patreon for it.

It's more than a different place or way to share that stuff.  I've already got novels out through the conventional ways to get them.  This though, this is more intimate.  It's an opportunity to do new, groundbreaking things, and to really get you the kind of erotica you've always been looking for.  I've got ambitious plans for this thing.  As I get a bigger audience there, I'm going to do some downright weird things.

I'd love to have you for a patron.

Still, I want you to get a sense of the sort of things I'm up to before you become my patron.  So I'm sharing some of that work here too.

Thanks for indulging me, and letting me gush a bit to you about my exciting new project.